All Metal Recycling Limited

 Buying scrap metal in Morrinsville. Buyers of copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, lead, pvc copper wire, cans, radiators, mag wheels, car batteries, cars, trucks, tractors, electric motors, heavy machinery and heavy steel.


We will come out and weigh and pay on the spot. Local farmers, if you have any scrap lying round your Morrinsville farm, then get in touch with us. Free pickup and bin service in Morrinsville.

Industrial Services

Engineers, Mechanics, Vehicle Dismantlers, Meat Works,  Factory’s, Ect…….

We weigh and pay on the spot. We can supply bins for your company or business and we will collect your scrap metal promptly with great prices and great service

Call us to find out more on 07 889 1533

Our company is also located in Morrinsville and we are open to all customers including the general public to bring their scrap metal in to us we weigh and pay on the spot.

13 Anderson Street Morrinsville

Phone 07 889 1533

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    Free pickup service weigh and pay on the spot for your scrap metal conditions apply.

    competitive prices

    We specialise in farm & industry, scrap metal collections & vehicle removal.

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